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General Dentistry

b Dental Spa takes pride in being the best dentists in the Bergen County, Passaic County, Bogota, Norwood, and Totowa, New Jersey area. We offer both general and specialty dentistry services for people of all ages.

General Dentistry Q & A


What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is very similar to family practice in medicine. A general dentist is a primary care provider who focuses on your overall oral health. General dentists, like family doctors, care for patients of all ages and may treat children, parents, and grandparents in the same family. A general dentist also coordinates care if you need to be referred to a specialist. The majority of the dentists in the US are general dentists; they may work in private practice, the government health services, the military or other settings.

How are General Dentists Educated?

General dentistry education is where all dentists begin. A Bachelor's degree -- preferably in a science -- is usually required. A four-year dental program includes all the basics of anatomy, dental disease, general oral health, prevention and treatment techniques, as well as technical skills like filling cavities. Depending on the program, dentists may graduate with a degree as a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) or a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). There is really no difference between the two and both are licensed to perform the same procedures.

What Do General Dentists Do?

A general dentist typically offers a wide array of services beyond the basics of preventive dentistry, tooth cleaning and filling cavities. Most perform work like making and fitting dentures, crowns, bridges and dental implants. They offer cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and veneers, treat gum disease, apply sealants to protect children's teeth and offer root canals. Much of their work is dedicated to patient education about issues like oral hygiene, tobacco use, nutrition and other topics important to oral health.

Can General Dentists Perform Special Procedures?

A general dentist who has had additional training may perform a number of what are considered specialty procedures. For example, sedation dentistry is the use of special medications to allay anxiety about dental care. This is within the purview of a general dentist. Specialized cosmetic procedures are another area that requires extra training for a general dentist. However, general dentists don't perform orthodontia or complex oral surgery like jaw reconstruction.

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