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In Bergen County, Passaic County, Bogota, Norwood, and Totowa, New Jersey, b Dental Spa offers the full range of orthodontic treatments, including conventional and Invisalign braces.

Orthodontics Q & A


What's Orthodontia?

Orthodontia is a dental specialty focused on the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws. In particular, orthodontists treat alignment problems and malocclusion -- a misalignment of the teeth that can cause problems like an overbite. Braces are the most common form of treatment for orthodontic problems, although some patients can wear a retainer or special headgear to correct the problem without braces. Orthodontists may also help people with congenital deformities or serious jaw injuries.

Is an Orthodontist a Dentist?

Orthodontists begin their training in general dentistry. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, the student spends four years obtaining a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Some dentists also completed an extended residency period. The next step is a post-graduate orthodontic program to learn the specialty techniques required for that practice. An orthodontic training program lasts two to four years.

Who Needs Orthodontia?

Although many people might think of orthodontia as something for teens, adults may also need this kind of treatment. Orthodontia isn't just for cosmetic purposes; it also helps improve oral health and protect the teeth and jaw. Crooked teeth can wear unevenly, increasing the risk of decay or breakage. Teeth that are too crowded are hard to keep clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, while a serious overbite or underbite can cause jaw pain and difficulty chewing.

Isn't Orthodontia Expensive and Time-Consuming?

All dental care has a cost, but the cost of not treating a problem can be much higher in the long run. Orthodontia is more expensive and time-consuming than routine dental care, just like any specialty treatment. However, insurance will often cover much of the cost, particularly if the treatment is to improve function. Most dentists offer payment plans or other strategies to help minimize out-of-pocket costs.

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