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Teeth Cleaning

b Dental Spa knows that one of the best ways to help the residents of Bergen County, Passaic County, Bogota, Norwood, and Totowa, New Jersey is to maintain their dental hygiene is to offer multiple dental hygienists for regular teeth cleaning. Our dentists give the very best service when it comes to cleaning teeth.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A


Why Do I Need My Teeth Cleaned?

Even if you practice perfect at-home oral hygiene (and few of us are perfect), there may be areas in your mouth that you just can't get completely cleaned. Perhaps you have a couple of teeth that are very close together and you can't get a piece of dental floss between them. Or you might be elderly and have arthritis that prevents you from brushing as long or hard as you need to. In addition, regular brushing can't remove tartar, the thick coating that builds up on teeth over time. For all of these reasons, periodic professional cleaning is a good idea.

What Are The Steps of a Professional Cleaning?

An ultrasonic device is often the first instrument the dental hygienist uses for a professional cleaning. These devices use mild ultrasonic vibrations to loosen large pieces of tartar. The constant motions and sprays of cool water from the device wash away all the material. Next, the hygienist will use special tools to scrape away any remaining plaque and tartar; each tooth must be individually cleaned. Finally, the teeth will be polished and flossed. In some cases, the hygienist will apply fluoride to help protect the teeth.

Isn't Professional Cleaning Just for Cosmetic Reasons?

The goal of a professional cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar, which makes it a health issue rather than a cosmetic issue. Plaque is the sticky, soft film that can build up on teeth over time. It contains millions of bacteria, which secrete acid that can damage tooth enamel. Tartar occurs when calcium hardens on the surface of the teeth. There is no way you can remove tartar at home. Both plaque and tartar contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, which are oral health issues.

Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

Professional teeth cleaning is usually painless. You might feel the scraping as the tartar is removed. If you do feel pain or discomfort, let the hygienist know immediately.

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